Fact Friday #6

Welcome to our sixth Fact Friday!

This Friday we will discuss why it is important to keep moving. Again, grab that notebook, pen and take notes. This information can be important for your health in the long term.

Do I move enough to be considered healthy?

We all know that it is important for our body to keep moving and exercising, this way we stay healthy. We get our blood pumping, our muscles get stronger, it feels good because it releases chemicals in your body that make you happier, the list goes on and on. If we only consider exercise, diet and other factors, someone who moves a few times a week is usually considered a healthy person. But how much exercise is actually considered healthy and what should that exercise consist of? 

In the Netherlands, in 1998, a certain organization decided it was time to set a standard for how much a person should exercise to be considered healthy. This standard made it easier for healthcare professionals to decide whether someone should exercise or exercise more. In 1998 this standard was different from the standard that is used today.

The way our society is structured today, so with many office jobs, sometimes having to work from home and often staring at a computer screen all day, creates a so-called sedentary lifestyle. This is a lifestyle with little to no exercise. While we believe and hope that everyone reading this probably doesn't have that kind of lifestyle, it's important to keep in mind what the standard is when it comes to exercise and exercise.


In 2017, it was stated that for adults between the ages of 18 and 55, to be considered healthy, you should have at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per week. Keep in mind that several things can be seen as exercise with this standard. For example, cycling at a speed of more than 15 km/h is considered moderate exercise, or, for example, walking against a strong wind. This doesn't sound too difficult, does it? But the sad truth is that only 44% of adults in the Netherlands fall below this standard. So the next time you're thinking about taking the car to go somewhere, remember this Fact Friday and grab a bike or go for a walk if possible. Don't be part of the 44%! Even better, try to be part of the 1% of people who challenge themselves mentally and physically every day..