The benefits of Beta Ecdysterone

De voordelen van Beta-ecdysterone

What is Beta Ecdysterone?

Beta-ecdysterone, also often referred to as Ecdysterone or 20-Hydroxyecdysone, falls under the ecdysteroids group, just like Turkesterone . These are found in various insects and plants including spinach and quinoa. The extract is extracted from the Cyanotis Arachnoidea plant which contains higher amounts of this ecdysteroid than some vegetables containing these ecdysteroids. Spinach extracts are also widely sold, but often contain a lower dose than the Cyanotis Arachnoidea extracts. Several studies have been done on these ecdysteroids, which means that it is increasingly gaining attention among athletes due to their powerful effect.

Effects of Beta-Ecdysterone

Beta-ecdysterone has a similar structure to the human hormone testosterone and is therefore considered a plant steroid. There are studies that noted ecdysterone outperformed commonly used synthetic steroids in animals. The advantage of the natural variants is that no negative hormonal side effects are reported, which is the case with synthetic steroids. This often involves side effects such as hormonal imbalance, hair loss, headaches, etc.

This plant-based alternative naturally contains strong effects and contains no unnecessary additives. According to research, it could contribute to the development of more muscle and strength during exercise. Both strength and endurance athletes can use this supplement. It is also suitable for female athletes. Take a dose of 1 capsule of Beta-ecdysterone daily with breakfast and dinner for optimal absorption. Our 95% standardized Beta-ecdysterone extract can support you in achieving your goals!