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What is Turkesterone Plus?

Turkesterone Plus is the improved version of Turkesterone. The Turkesterone Plus extract is standardized at 10%, the highest percentage of Turkesterone available. Due to the increased percentage of Turkesterone in Turkesterone Plus, all positive effects are enhanced. To further increase the effect of Turkesterone Plus, Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin has been added to the extract. This substance ensures a better absorption of Turkesterone in the body and therefore increases the effectiveness of Turkesterone Plus. All in all, Turkesterone Plus is one of the most powerful supplements to boost your body during exercise!

How do ecdysteroids like Turkesterone work?

Ecdysteroids are steroids that act like androgens in the body, for example testosterone. Some examples of ecdysteroids are Ecdysone, Ecdysterone and Turkesterone, of which Turkesterone is the most powerful of the three. Because these natural ecdysteroids have a similar chemical structure to androgens, they can provide strong testosterone-like effects. This property enhances various processes in the body, such as protein synthesis and the activation of the estrogen receptor beta.

Protein synthesis is the process by which proteins are made. When the production of protein exceeds its breakdown, muscle mass growth (anabolism) occurs. When using our Turkesterone supplements, this process can be enhanced, increasing muscle growth. Research shows that the estrogen receptor beta is involved in muscle growth and repair. The combination of these processes, among other things, ensures the powerful effect of Turkesterone for strength athletes.

These processes take place without the steroid binding to androgen receptors, so that the endocrine system is not affected, this is supported by the studies carried out so far. This means that Turkesterone has no nasty side effects as is the case with testosterone supplements and other steroids. In addition, the Turkesterone is tested for various harmful substances such as pesticides, molds, heavy metals and bacteria such as Salmonella, to ensure safety. This is done with the HPLC method, the certificate of this test can be found here.

Is Turkesterone Plus safe?

Recent studies have found no negative side effects with long-term use of Turkesterone. This suggests that Turkesterone is completely safe to use. However, we do recommend taking a break every now and then to prevent the body from becoming dependent on Turkesterone, which can be the case with many substances. The only side effect found is nausea after taking it on an empty stomach. That is why we recommend taking the capsules during or immediately after a meal.

Where does Turkesterone Plus come from?

Turkesterone therefore comes from the Ajuga Turkestanica extract, but what exactly is it? Ajuga Turkestanica Extract comes from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant that originally grows in Central Asia. The plant grows in mountainous areas and can survive at altitudes around 2500 meters, it is a strong plant. The plant was already used in herbal medicine because it would have a medicinal effect. Later, its powerful effects were discovered by the sports world, and now Turkesterone is also used by athletes. Russian athletes have been using this product at the Olympic Games for many years, which regularly resulted in victories for the Russians..

How to dose Turkesterone Plus?

We recommend taking two Turkesterone capsules per day. No recommended daily amount has yet been established, so an exact amount cannot be stated. If necessary, consult a physician to determine an effective dose. Different athletes on the internet share their experiences and often different amounts of Turkesterone capsules are used per day.

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