What should you pay attention to when buying Turkesterone?

Waar moet je op letten bij het kopen van Turkesterone?

In the past year, Turkesterone sellers have sprung up like mushrooms. Due to the huge range, many different variations of this supplement have also emerged. Many Turkesterone supplements vary in dosage, potency and additives. To find a direction in this wide range, you can read in this blog what you should pay attention to when buying Turkesterone.

Percent Turkesterone

Turkesterone supplements come with different percentages of active substances. The most common variants are 2% and 10% Turkesterone. Often with 2% variants it is not explicitly stated that it is a lower dosed supplement, but this is reflected in the ingredients list or the price. Lower-dose supplements are often cheaper, but not always, so pay close attention to this when purchasing.

Test results

To be sure that you really get what you buy, it is important to look at the test results of the product. In the results you can clearly see what kind of test has been performed and what percentage of Turkesterone is in the product. In addition, it is also a test for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides, etc. Not all sellers list their test results on their websites. So to be sure that the product is safe and contains what is claimed about the content, it is important to look at the test results or request them from the seller.

Content per capsule

Capsules are available in different sizes. Usually they range between 200 to 600 milligrams per capsule. Take into account the percentage of Turkesterone and the content of the capsule. A 500mg capsule of 2% Turkesterone is equivalent to a 100mg capsule of 10% Turkesterone. The price can vary greatly with different providers, because it often happens that several sellers maintain the same price, but where the content of the supplement per capsule is considerably less. The amount of capsules per package can also have a lot of influence on this.

Added substances

Many Turkesterone supplements are offered in the form of a blend. HBC-Complex is the most common, but it is also often mixed with vitamins, BCAAs and other sports supplements to, for example, increase absorption or effect. The problem with additives is that it affects the contents of the capsule. If a 500mg capsule is half filled with other substances, you will only actually receive 250mg Turkesterone extract. Some sellers mention this on their websites, but this is often not done. Look for providers that do or request the specifications so that you do not pay too much for the amount of actual Turkesterone.


Of course everyone wants to pay as little as possible for their supplements. The price can be a very good indication of the quality, but can often be very misleading. It is therefore important to compare all the above points and also look at the price. Supplements are offered with 90 capsules with 400mg capsules of which only 100mg Turkesterone for more than 35 euros, this is simply too expensive for the actual amount of Turkesterone in the supplement. A high price does not always mean high quality. You can also use comparison websites to get an overview of all supplements without much searching, an example of this isinfofitness.nl.

At Gym Natural we think it is important to be transparent about what is actually in our product and to offer this for a fair price. We offer2% and10%Turkesterone and on the product pages you can find all information about the content per capsule and any additives. You can also find all test results there so that you know what you are eating. If you have any questions, you can always contact us via thecontact page.