Turkesterone Plus Gym Natural 10% gestandaardiseerd potje voorkant 60 capsules
Turkesterone Plus
Turkesterone Plus

Turkesterone Plus

  • 10% Standardized
  • Lab tested
  • vegan
  • Ordered before 15:00, delivered in 2-3 business days
  • Inventory on the way
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WHY WE SELL Turkesterone ?

After our own use, supported by research, we are convinced of the effect of Turkesterone . At that time there was little to no reliable supply of Turkesterone products, we wanted to change this.


We notice that many Turkesterone products are being sold that actually contain less Turkesterone and other Ecdysteroids than promised. In addition, the Ajuga Turkestanica extract is often diluted 1:1 with the HBC complex, so that there is less Turkesterone in the end product. Turkesterone is therefore often sold in a dose that is too low to be able to offer the product cheaper.

WHY Gym Natural Turkesterone PLUS?

  • We actually standardize our Turkesterone Plus at 10%, click here for the test results.🔬
  • Our Turkesterone is mixed up to 1:9 with HBC complex.💪
  • We sell 500mg capsules that are 100% filled with extract.💯

Do you want to know more about Turkesterone Plus? Read our info blog.

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