About us

What is the story behind Gym Natural?

Gym Natural was set up by three young guys from Utrecht who all have an affinity with sports and health in their own way. We may not be the biggest guys in the gym, but that's not the point. As long as you feel good, do your best to live a healthy life and get the most out of yourself, you're already doing well! With Gym Natural we want to make the health sector really healthy again, no laundry lists with unnecessary ingredients, overdosed supplements or products that pretend to be healthy but are actually not. By means of transparency and a personal approach, we try to keep our customers close to ourselves and in this way offer them support in leading a healthier life inside and outside the gym. Stay in the gym and stay natural, with the power of nature.

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Company Information

Business address: Merwedeweg 5c2, 3621LP Breukelen, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 85 4011241
Email: info@gymnatural.nl
Chamber of Commerce: 82593787
VAT number: NL862531676B01