Fact Friday #1

Welcome to our first Fact Friday!

Fact Friday is all kinds of facts related to the gym, the human body, diets and much more! So grab your notebook, pen and start taking notes, you won't regret it.

Calculate your own 1RM in advance

Are you unsure about a PR you want to go for? With the Brzycki formula you can see for yourself in advance whether you can achieve the PR. This can be important in preventing injuries. Because as we all know, injuries can easily arise from PR attempts..

There are many different ways to calculate your own 1RM on the internet, but the Brzycki method is most commonly used in the medical world. It is in fact used by physiotherapists from all over the world!

To use the formula, enter your best set of a particular exercise you've done, preferably in the past week or two. One downside of the formula is that, to be accurate, this best set is a maximum of 5 reps. 6 reps is still somewhat accurate, but after that the reliability of the result deteriorates quickly.

The formula

1RM = Weight / (1.0278 - (0.0278 x Reps))

For example: Person A's best set of squats is 120kg for 4 reps.

1RM = 120 / (1.0278 - (0.0278 x 4)). Person A's 1RM here would be 131kg.

Keep in mind that this formula is an estimate. You should always listen to your own body, warm up properly and prepare mentally before doing a big lift. We hope this formula can help you avoid injury and hit your PRs.